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                      About Us

Family, Friends, Food, Fellowship and FUN! That’s what Island Grinds is all about. Island Grinds was started by two, childhood friends, Jenni (Wong) Love and Nikki (Keresoma) Verdugo, who were raised strongly in their Polynesian roots.  For most islanders, there is a strong connection between food and family.    

Jenni, who is of Hawaiian descent, is the creative and innovative mind behind Island Grinds.  Her countless talents have been requested and showcased at different events in Southern California.  From the fruit palm trees to the red velvet cake pops, Jenni constantly preserves a distinctive, eye-catching and appealing style, which is the signature of Island Grinds.

Representing her S
āmoan roots is Nikki who organizes the paperwork and calendar for Island Grinds.  Also, it was her grandparents, Stanley and Fortunata Tabura, who originated the vegetarian teriyaki and foo chuk recipes. Determined to carry on their legacy of faith-sharing and good eats, Nikki’s mother, Patty Keresoma, and now Nikki continues to put the same kind of love and passion into everything she serves.  

One of Island Grinds' main missions is to give back to the community. Because God has blessed this business, both Jenni and Nikki strive to support local non-profit organizations, schools and churches by giving back a percentage of their sales.  If you would like to be a part of this mission, please let them know. 

God has and will continue to be the center of this business.  And as Jenni and Nikki invite you to share a little bit of their talent and culture, their prayer is that you will catch a glimpse of God too.

Muamua le Atua!  (God is first!)

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